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My first love broke my heart for the first time and I was like NO JIMMY PROTESTED


If your a true directioner you will reblog

omg this made my day 


I never laughed so much . Seriously . genius

I’ll admit, it got a smile out of me

i laughed way more than i should have


just randomly bringing this back :))

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Zayn mimicking Louis’ step in Best Song Ever x

Zayn mimicking Louis’ step in Best Song Ever x

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Track: UnknownBest Song Ever [Live in Studio]
Artist: UnknownOne Direction
Album: UnknownLive In Studio
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Have you ever listened to One Direction singing live in a studio? No background noises, no crowd… but just their own voices? Well, One Direction performed What Makes You BeautifulStory of My Life, and Best Song Ever live in a studio in Japan. Here is the result…

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Liam: Niall’s just present in everyone’s life.

Louis: Niall’s just a present in everyone’s life.

i think everybody’s worried about liam these days and that makes me sad :(

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i think liam has officially lost his title as the responsible one between the cigarettes and the roof climbing, we should probably give harry the title i mean he can barely walk properly he isn’t going to do anything dangerous

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i’m starting to worry about liam like he does stupid things with these ‘new’ friends and this is not good

ugh same

i mean i know it’s his life and he can do whatever he wants… but sometimes i just wanna stop him and say, “go home liam. your family misses you.”